The SC-System

Reliability in its most efficient form.

With the new signal conditioner line SC-System, we have transferred our years of experience in hazardous areas into solutions for general purpose. The SC-System is optimally adapted to your individual requirements—offering the best value for money.

Features of the Signal Conditioners

Platzsparendes Gehäusedesign

Space-saving housing design

With a width of only 6 mm and a low high of just 97 mm, the housing of the SC-System signal conditioners reduces the required space to a minimum. The extreme compact modules can easily be placed in tight spaces between cable ducts. Gain more space in your switch cabinet!
Erweiterter Temperaturbereich

Extended temperature ranges

The new SC-System signal conditioner line is equipped with a state-of-the-art circuit design with very low power dissipation. Achieve greater flexibility in extended temperature ranges from -25° C to +70 °C!
Störungsfreie Signalübertragung durch das SC-System

Interference-free signal transmission

Due to their high galvanic isolation, the signal conditioners of the SC-System prevent transmission and control errors between the field and control level. Ensure a reliable communication process in your plant!
Schutz von Personen und Anlagen

Protection of personnel and equipment

Based on high operating and test voltages of 300 V and 3.0 KV, the galvanically isolated signal conditioners protect personnel and equipment from damage caused by dangerous overvoltages. Enjoy maximum security!

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Discover the Benefits

The new SC-System signal conditioners were developed in close cooperation with our customers, and fit seamlessly with existing work flow processes.

The user-friendly and slim design makes it a practical and economical solution, offering:
  • an extremely high packing density due to their low heat dissipation
  • a long-term investment protection
  • and much more
Reliable, efficient, and compact. Convince yourself. Discover the Benefits

What Is a Signal Conditioner?

Signal conditioners ensure a smooth communication between the field device and the control unit using galvanic isolation. They protect personnel and equipment from dangerous voltages.

They measure, amplify and monitor signals in measurement and control circuits, and convert field signals into standard signals.

Pepperl+Fuchs` signal conditioners stand for high signal quality and a wide range of applications. Even in your plant!

Functional principle of the SC-System

Convenient Supply and Error Reporting – Power Supply via Power Bus

The power bus is an insert part for DIN mounting rails. It provides conductors for the supply of interface modules via supply modules, and for collective error messages.

As an alternative to supplying power via terminals for larger applications, the power bus makes it possible to supply energy centrally – without any single-wire harnessing.

Benefit from quick and easy mounting as well as reduced wiring effort!


Funktionsweise Signaltrenner

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The SC-System combines the most powerful features of comparable devices in one product family. The Pepperl+Fuchs signal conditioners provide seamless communication between field and control levels, and protect personnel and equipment from dangerously high voltages.

Get complete support—from single modules to a system solution in large-scale systems from Pepperl+Fuchs.